Indonesia’s Ula spreads wings in Singapore, India

Indonesian e-commerce startup Ula has partnered with ITILITE, the business expense and travel management platform, to automate its expense management system and support their business expansion plans.

“We’re looking forward to expanding our teams across Indonesia, Singapore and India,” said Auro Sen, head of finance at Ula. “Handling employees’ finances across countries is cumbersome especially in a company which is at its prime and looking to recruit new talent every day.”

Ula is a B2B marketplace that helps boost business of small retailers in Indonesia by providing them with competitive pricing, wide and accessible variety and favourable payment terms, all at the push of a button. 

The e-commerce marketplace has successfully deployed the ITILITE platform to transform their company’s end-to-end spend management, resulting in faster reimbursement cycles while increasing transparency within the system. 

With employees filing expenses online, their finance team no longer spends hours micro-managing employee receipts.

”We have been helping over 300 businesses globally to manage teams in different geographies in a hassle-free, efficient way,” said Anish Khadiya, CBO of ITILITE. “With ITILITE, they can focus on accelerating their growth, instead of managing the process.”

With ITILITE’s AI-enabled application, Ula is aiming towards a digital transformation and exceeding employee expectations.