India’s lead bourse lift regulatory knack with analytics

Image courtesy of National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) based in Mumbai is using Qlik to support and augment its regulatory capabilities. Qlik supports multiple teams within NSE to drive efficiencies and provide insights for facilitating data-informed decisions.

In addition to providing a trading platform with cutting edge technology, clearing and settlement services, indices, and a market data feed, NSE is a front-line regulator and oversees compliance monitoring for about 1,100 trading members and 2,000 listed companies.

NSE uses Qlik’s analytics to integrate data inputs from numerous databases, including trading data, clearing and settlement data, reporting by members, risk management services and client data. 

The Qlik Associative Engine allows for associations to be made from multiple datasets, enabling NSE to generate insights from all their data collectively and run comprehensive reporting for regulatory purposes. These associative insights built into their dashboards help the team to quickly be alerted on risk areas so they can take informed decisions. 

“We wanted to be able to have a single view of our data and be able to analyse it very intuitively,” said  Dinesh Kumar Soni, SVP of NSE’s Regulatory Group. 

Soni said that with Qlik, they have been able to integrate their data on a single platform, reduce the time taken for reporting and quickly identify risk areas. The technology supports NSE teams so that they can concentrate on the actions they need to take rather than spending time putting data together and generating reports.

With Qlik, NSE has significantly reduced the time needed to integrate and load data. Manual tasks have been greatly reduced and tasks that used to take three to six hours can now be completed within 30 minutes. 

This has aided the regulatory teams of NSE in driving better efficiencies by facilitating data analysis and improved decision-making capabilities. Qlik has also empowered non-technical NSE team members to create and use their own reports with no-code solutions and natural language processing.

“The best part of implementing the Qlik platform is seeing how users can interact with data using dynamic visualisations,” said Soni. “We can look at the data from a bird’s eye view or single data points with a few simple clicks. This empowers our teams to draw meaningful inferences and make smarter decisions.”