IceWarp freezes out Microsoft from deal with Malaysian agency

Czech unified communications firm IceWarp is touting an email infrastructure contract award from the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), which will migrate 350,000 mailboxes from the Microsoft Exchange platform. 

MAMPU is responsible for the modernisation of public administration across federal, state, and local government bodies. 

According to IceWarp, it met all MAMPU’s requirements for a comprehensive communications platform based on open standards and interoperability with existing clients, which would add efficiencies while reducing costs.

The project was in planning for several years and involved detailed proof of concept examination that IceWarp demonstrated in 2016. Awarded just three months ahead of the 2021 go-live date amidst lockdowns and travel restrictions, the project required seamless cooperation between several IT teams of the government, IceWarp’s distributor for Malaysia, Australia and Asia Pacific, and IceWarp’s experts working both on-site in Kuala Lumpur and connecting remotely from their Central European head office in Prague. 

Within the few months, 1,500 TB worth of user data was migrated to the new infrastructure. At the beginning of March, 350,000 end users started their day on the new IceWarp platform with no downtime or disruption to their workflow.

“I’m especially proud of our TeamChat Mobile app with its one-of-a-kind email, chat and conferencing integration,” said IceWarp’s CEO Adam Paclt.

As another step in the ongoing effort, the rollout of IceWarp’s native Desktop Client is currently being planned. This will enable MAMPU to replace Microsoft Outlook entirely with a uniform desktop client for email, calendaring, contacts and instant messaging bundled into an easy-to-use application available for both Windows and macOS.