Huawei opens US$20-million innovation centre in Singapore

Huawei latest regional centre of joint solution innovation, dubbed Asia-Pacific OpenLab3.0, has launched in Singapore to serve as the base for ecosystem cooperation in the region.

OpenLab 3.0 brings together industry talents and ICT capabilities, covering more than 60 partners and guests from technology sector, public sector, industry associations, and universities attended the ceremony. 

The US$20 million project is intended to help upgrade OpenLab3.0 in Singapore and radiate its capabilities across the APAC and beyond. 

Tapping into the capabilities of the platform, Huawei cooperates with local partners to create customer-centric and innovative horizontal solutions, such as Smart Campus and Smart Classroom. 

Huawei intends to work with partners to build an industry ecosystem, accelerating digital transformation in public service, finance, transportation, energy and more industries, cultivating future-oriented capabilities to strengthen Singapore’s position as the regional hub of innovation. 

Nicholas Ma, president of Huawei APAC Enterprise Business Group, said the booming digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region will lead to new innovative services and applications. 

“To accelerate the digitalisation of industries, a more open and diversified industry ecosystem is required,” said Ma. “OpenLab 3.0 is a global technology platform for partners and institutions of higher learning in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides innovative industry solutions based on the demands of various industries.” 

Jun Zhang, president of Public Affairs and Communications at Huawei Asia Pacific, said their talent development model PIPES — Platforms, Innovation, Professionalism, Experience, and Skills — delivers targeted talent programs for individuals from all walks of life, in order to foster an inclusive talent ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region. 

“Open Lab 3.0, a platform for innovation, experience and know-how sharing, exemplifies our talent-centric commitment, and is set to emerge as a pivotal hub for talent cultivation across the region,” said Zhang.

Huawei’s OpenLab in Singapore officially launched in 2016. To date, Huawei OpenLab in Singapore has welcomed over 6000 industry visitors from the APAC region, forged collaborations with more than 100 partners to create customer-centric solutions. 

Huawei has established OpenLabs across the globe, in Suzhou, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, and beyond, jointly developed and launched technologies and solutions with more than 400 partners worldwide.