HSBC Life enhances offerings thru dacadoo platform

HSBC Group’s insurance business, HSBC Life, will integrate dacadoo’s Digital Health Engagement Platform into its recently launched health and wellbeing platforms, which are available to both corporate and retail customers. 

HSBC Life’s Well+ and Benefits+ platforms are currently available in Hong Kong, with customised versions launching in mainland China, Singapore, and other markets over time. 

Benefits+ is a digital employee benefits solution launched to commercial clients in Hong Kong in February 2021. HSBC touts it as the first-of-its-kind dedicated health and wellness proposition for Hong Kong employers with flexible group medical and life coverage and an immersive one-stop digital platform for employees.

Following integration with dacadoo, HSBC Life’s Well+ and Benefits+ customers will gain access to personalised insights about their overall health and wellbeing, and receive incentives and rewards for healthy behaviours across lifestyle, body, mind and finances. 

A “health score” indicating overall health — which changes in real-time depending on the user’s lifestyle factors such as health, nutrition, activity and sleep —  will also be accessible to customers using the platform, with Well+ integrated within HSBC’s core mobile banking app. 

To engage customers dacadoo’s technology draws on a broad selection of motivational and scientific principles, ranging from artificial intelligence and gamification, to automated coaching and behavioural science. 

“Helping our customers make the shift to healthier lifestyles is a key strategic priority for us,” said Bryce Johns, Global CEO of HSBC Life and Insurance Partnerships. 

“Our partnership with dacadoo, and our uniquely integrated approach to health and wealth, will enable our customers to take even greater control of their physical, mental and financial wellbeing,” said Johns.