Healthcare 2021: A Special Issue

This special magazine issue is sponsored by Lenovo, Logitech and ServiceNow.

The healthcare industry has never been subjected to as much attention and scrutiny as it is today. As the world grapples with the seemingly unending pandemic, it looks towards healthcare services as the one great hope that will return us to normalcy.

Across the world, the healthcare industry is being stretched thin as it faces inadequate infrastructure and manpower. In addition to treating the large numbers of infected persons, the healthcare industry is tasked with COVID-19 testing and containment, as well as producing and administering vaccines. All this requires a massive amount of communication between various stakeholders within and without, including governments and the general public, and an IT stack robust enough to support it. At the same time, pre-pandemic demands on healthcare remain. Patients suffering from other illnesses still need to be treated; R&D, clinical trials and treatment of chronic illnesses must go on.

As such, the healthcare industry has increasingly turned to technology to ease its burden. Once conservative about digital transformation, healthcare has now embraced it with frenzy, with technologies like telemedicine and IoT being utilised in view of manpower constraints. And while the industry had adopted cloud and big data prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 has necessitated data sharing, analysis and quick deployment on a global scale. Healthcare 2021 is a special magazine from Frontier Enterprise that aims to understand how the healthcare industry has dealt with COVID-19, and the ways in which technology has been crucial in this battle. It also seeks to highlight how new technologies are being used in healthcare as a whole. It features:

Transforming Healthcare in the Age of Technology Disruption
– Dr Ngiam Kee Yuan, Group CTO, National University Health System, Singapore & Sumir Bhatia, President, Lenovo Infrastructure
Solutions Group, Asia-Pacific

Keeping Patient Data Safe
– Girish Koppar, GM of IT at Wockhardt Hospitals India

The Future of Healthcare is Here
– Editorial Feature

Technologised Healthcare
– Alan Young, Head of IT at Caritas Hong Kong

Supporting Virtual Healthcare Through Video
– Wiley Zhang, Head of Video Collaboration, APJ at Logitech

Changing the Pharma Experience
– Mounir Habib, Head of IT and Digital Transformation at EVA Pharma, Egypt

Healthcare Employees Need Better Digital Platforms
– Rhonda Blatti, Senior Director of Employee Workflows (Healthcare, Education, Public Sector) at ServiceNow

Cutting-Edge Hospital Care
– Rajiv Sikka, Senior Vice President and Group CIO at Medanta, India

Digitalising Healthcare
– Bruce Leong, Director, Technology and Strategy at Mt. Alvernia Hospital, Singapore

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