Healing Paper firms up security, privacy of customer data with QueryPie

South Korea-based Healing Paper, creator of beauty and healing platform Gangnam unnie and a member of Born2Global Centre, has chosen QueryPie to heighten the company’s data governance and meet global privacy regulation standards.

“Gangnam unnie continues to multiply outside of Korea, including in Japan, where we are expanding our customer-centric cosmetic and plastic surgery service platform market,” said Seung-il Hong, co-founder and CEO of Healing Paper.

Gangnam unnie allows users to receive quotes from hospitals and surgical centers, schedule consultations, and video chat with cosmetic and plastic surgeons about double eyelid surgery, nose work, liposuction, and other procedures from hospitals and surgical centers. 

Users can access more than 1,300 affiliated medical centers using the app, which can provide them with cosmetic surgery quotes within 72 hours and share real-time plastic surgery stories with its 1.66 million members, who are in their teens and twenties.

“With NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and DynamoDB, and relational cloud databases such as AWS Aurora, we can develop apps and run analytics on large data sets quickly, regardless of their location,” said Jayme Pang, CISO at Healing Paper.

“We needed a cloud-enabled data governance solution that could handle RDBMS and NoSQL connectivity across multiple regions and offered high performance,” said Pang. “QueryPie met our needs without a hitch.”

QueryPie’s centralised administration enables enterprises to streamline their data governance processes, make better use of their data resources, and ensure compliance as a global data governance solution.