Hai Robotics opens new SE Asia HQ, demo centre in Singapore

Hai Robotics, a global provider of autonomous case-handling mobile robots (ACR), has officially launched its latest Southeast Asia headquarters and demo centre in Singapore. 

Covering a total of 7,700 square feet, this facility showcases the firm’s signature HaiPick System 2 and 3, and is touted as marking a substantial leap forward from its previous Singapore office — established in 2022, which occupied just 3,000 square feet.

During the opening ceremony on April 30, Hai Robotics showcased their latest demo centre featuring their HaiPick Systems — Hai’s signature system that combines the strengths of the ACR and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) into one tandem solution. While ACRs handle totes from the top to the bottom of the racks, AMRs handle rack-bottom totes between racks and workstation. 

This system enhances warehouse operations by boosting efficiency and maximising storage space with its versatility and compatibility. The HaiPick system facilitates rack expansion by up to three-deep configuration, with a maximum picking height of up to 12 metres using HaiPick ACRs.

Hai Robotics’ decision in expanding their headquarters in Singapore is due in part to the city-state’s exceptional infrastructure, pro-business policies, and pre-existing technological ecosystem. 

Additionally, Singapore’s strategic position also offers the company easy access to key markets in the region as well as the chance to leverage on the advanced infrastructure and skilled workforce it has to offer. 

With the new establishment and added demo centre, the company is poised to transform the warehouse operations, fostering growth locally and around the region.

“This new centre cements our continued commitment to serving the growing needs of our customers, while also reaching those we weren’t able to previously with our elevated capabilities,” said Nathan Zeng, president of Hai Robotics Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand. 

Hai Robotics is setting its sights beyond Southeast Asia, aiming to revolutionise warehouse operations worldwide with HaiPick’s cutting-edge tech. They want to empower warehouses and factories everywhere, fueling thriving economies.