Great Eastern helps clients secure insurance protection virtually

Great Eastern is enhancing its digital platforms to empower its financial representatives with digital tools to better serve customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Singapore-based residents looking for protection during this difficult time, can make insurance policy applications with Great Eastern through digital channels, in addition to online customer services already in place.

Online purchases of certain life insurance products and tele-advisory services capabilities were made available to customers from as early as February, before the latest “circuit breaker” government measures were implemented last April 7.

“The COVID-19 situation is accelerating the speed of digital adoption to complement what is traditionally a face- to-face business,” said Khor Hock Seng, group CEO of Great Eastern.

“This new-normal ‘virtual’ way of doing things, empowers financial representatives to continue serving customers, with speed and agility,” he said. “It also provides our customers with greater peace of mind, and continued access to professional advisory services.”

Great Eastern customers have the option of “tele-advisory” with their financial representatives on video conference calls from the comfort of their own homes.

To support customers during this time where physical meetings are discouraged, it has helped simplify the policy application process, enabled quicker response times, and improved quality of customer service, without comprising health and safety of both its customers and financial representatives.

In the next few months, Great Eastern will be introducing additional digital capabilities that will allow its financial representatives and customers to seamlessly co-browse interactive screens and co-create “Life Storyboards” together on mobile devices. Simplifying digital authorisation of policy purchases is expected to allow applications to be processed more quickly.

further, customers who do not need financial advice for simple and annually- renewable insurance products such as personal accident plans have been able to make these simple transactions on Great Eastern’s website or through a personalised link from their financial representatives. Customers who purchased the products through this platform will still access the post-purchase services from their assigned financial representatives.