Globe Telecom moves to Snowflake to boost smart decision-making

Globe Telecom, provider of technology and digital solutions in the Philippines, has leveraged Snowflake as the Data Cloud partner to raise data-driven decision-making through data democratisation.  

In order to be more responsive to the growing digital demands of Filipinos, Globe needed a more scalable, agile, cost-effective, and unified platform that would enhance data accessibility and empower employee collaboration. 

Speed in decision-making is essential to bringing timely solutions to its customers,  as the Globe Group expands services beyond connectivity to life-enabling solutions in healthcare, education, entertainment, digital marketing, and e-commerce, among others. 

Globe, through its Enterprise Data Office, has embarked on a data modernisation program to leverage the power of the cloud for high performance, resiliency, and speed. 

Working closely with Snowflake’s Professional Services Team, Globe has already migrated its massive enterprise data warehouse from on-premises to Snowflake’s Data Cloud in 53 days. 

Through Snowflake’s unified platform and user-friendly interface, Globe gained near-unlimited and highly scalable storage and compute power, as well as near real-time data insights. 

At the same time, Snowflake’s cloud-native platform facilitated Globe’s migration to a public cloud architecture enabling a 50 percent rise in annual cost savings. 

“Data democratisation is data at your fingertips— the ability to access, use, and explore data on your own,” said Globe VP Dan Natindim.  “We want to make decision-making powered by data possible to as many job functions in the least possible time with the least dependency from others.”

Natimdim said that while they are happy with 68% of their ad-hoc reports being fulfilled via self-service, it is not enough. 

“Users and executives always want to get deeper into data and have more questions,” he said. “We now have user groups able to explore, wrangle, and analyze data directly in Snowflake,  like never before to answer their own questions.” 

Sanjay Deshmukh, Snowflake senior regional VP for ASEAN and India, said they have enabled Globe to break down data and technology silos and thrive in a data intensive and competitive environment by generating more insights, moving faster and delivering differentiated products to customers.