Fujitsu’s Managed Multi-Cloud

This article is sponsored by Cisco, Equinix and Fujitsu.

As the world continues on an accelerated journey to transform digitally, the multi-cloud approach has become a common trend. Early adopters may start to be edged out by innovative late bloomers of multi-cloud; or heavy multi-cloud investments may end up becoming too complex and fraught with hidden costs and delays. The result is that many of the benefits of digital transformation start becoming marginal or even stagnant in the face of faster changes of pace – if the multi-cloud strategy is not well-aligned with business needs.

This is why Fujitsu has invented a whole new way to manage multi-cloud. Three distinct characteristics set the Fujitsu’s Multi-Cloud Managed Services apart:

  • Highly customized solutions aligned with each organisation’s specific needs
    Despite the major benefits of a multi-cloud approach, there are many one-size-fits-all pathways that complicate how organisations choose to adopt a digital transformation strategy. With decades of industry experience, Fujitsu recognises this potential hurdle.

    Using a Hybrid Maturity Model, Fujitsu helps organizations to identify their current level of digital maturity and then orchestrates the delivery of digital services and solutions to optimize their digital strategies.
  • Working to co-create with long-term partnerships
    In traditional business relationships, the customer requests, and the vendor complies, even if decisions could have been better. In a co-creation relationship, the vendor treats customer success as a long-term goal of its own, even if that means engaging competitors in problem solving process.

    For Fujitsu, it strives to transform “relationships” into “co-creation partnerships”. This characterized by being platform agnostic; offering flexible SLAs and pricing structures; and to establish long-term co-creation of business synergy.
  • Cutting-edge industry experience keeps partners ahead of the crowd
    With the distinct advantage of decades of digital innovation and experience, Fujitsu is in a unique position to remain at the forefront of the latest technologies and trends. As a partner that strives to gain a deep understanding of every organisation it services, Fujitsu knows exactly how and when to bring the latest innovations to the table when managing multi-cloud infrastructures. Only then can all partners stand out from the crowd in the competitive digital arena.

The Shinkansen Way

Major cloud platforms release over 300 new updates every year. That is a lot to stay on top of. But for Fujitsu, it is easy because of the age-old wisdom of Shinkansen methodology.

Harnessing the talents and resources of over 140,000 employees in more than 100 countries; over 1,000 cloud-trained staff trained across Europe; and over 300 accredited experts in Azure, AWS and Oracle— Fujitsu’s Multi-Cloud Managed Services can deliver better solutions faster and more securely.

Shinkansen methodology ensures that every project undergoes iterative design-build-test-review-plan-and-launch steps to co-create great outcomes. Supported by sufficient discipline, skills and resources, the Shinkansen method never fails to help partners achieve their strategic goals quickly—typically within two weeks.

Another approach that enables partners to speed up adaptation is Fujitsu’s consumption-based charging model. Partners pay only for what they use, thereby taking control of costs and simplifying time-consuming paperwork that slows organisations down.

Fujitsu’s Multi-Cloud Managed Services benefits

Instead of managing their own multi-cloud infrastructure, organisations engaging Fujitsu’s innovative services can expect to:

  • Drive lower IT costs throughout the business
  • Have a committed digital transformation partner that spends time understanding their business and vision
  • Be assured that Fujitsu’s managed services not only meet corporate needs, but constantly evolve to bring the best and latest solutions to the helm
  • Be guided along to change and drive IT excellence forward
  • Receive the skills and resources they need and when they need them
  • Take advantage of the newest technologies as the market demands

What about security and scalability?

In addition to offering its innovative Multi-Cloud Managed Services, Fujitsu has teamed up with two industry partners to create the Power of 3 ecosystem. Together with Cisco Systems and Equinix, Fujitsu’s Power of 3 offers a global, virtualized fabric of digital connectivity extending from the cloud all the way to the digital edge.

Low friction Zero Trust networking security is baked into every part of the ecosystem, and multiple ecosystems can then interconnect and scale to achieve massive collaboration and scale. Combining this approach with managed multi-cloud services will enable organisations to continue digital transformation and innovation to gain business resilience, agility and growth no matter what the future holds.