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Fujitsu ramps up workers’ efficiency thru automation with UiPath

Fujitsu is scaling the use of the UiPath AI-powered Business Automation Platform enterprise-wide.

Seeking to enhance its competitiveness in the digital age, Fujitsu launched an enterprise-wide digital transformation project in October 2020. 

The project, known as FujiTra (Fujitsu Transformation), aims at a complete reevaluation and transformation of Fujitsu’s business processes, organisations, and corporate culture, in addition to its products, services, and business models.

Recognising the value of AI-powered automation in transforming its business, Fujitsu selected UiPath as its solution partner for the FujiTra project to scale automation across its global business. 

Fujitsu has been using UiPath solutions in more than 140 individual departments globally since 2017, achieving significant time savings.

As part of the expanded collaboration, UiPath will help Fujitsu optimise existing business processes and design new automation-led business processes to realise the full potential of its automation deployment. 

The partnership will also help Fujitsu streamline operations and boost workforce efficiency in anticipation of future workforce changes. By implementing several measures, including UiPath solutions, Fujitsu aims to maintain productivity levels in the short term and increase workforce efficiency by as much as 40% in the long term.

“We see automation as a strategic priority that will help Fujitsu accelerate its business transformation. Since implementing UiPath solutions in 2017, we have seen the incredible ability of automation to deliver value and business growth,” said Yuzuru Fukuda, EVP at Fujitsu. 

Rob Enslin, CEO at UiPath, said that global leading brands like Fujitsu are leveraging AI and automation to achieve increased productivity, cost savings, and operational gains.

“Fujitsu exemplifies how companies can integrate AI and automation for enterprise-wide transformation. We’re excited to continue partnering with them on this digital journey,” said Eslin.

As part of its collaboration, UiPath will also help Fujitsu equip its workforce with automation skills and become citizen developers through automation courses on UiPath Academy as well as through the open badge system, in addition to hands-on and technical consultations.