Fujitsu, Kawasaki build sustainable ‘future city’

Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki are strengthening their collaboration around digital technologies amidst rapid societal and environmental change to present new solutions to the various challenges confronting communities, including the threats posed by climate change and COVID-19. 

This builds on a comprehensive agreement signed by both sides in 2014, and the partners have identified health, safety and security, environment, and work and living as the four focus themes for this new phase. 

At its Kawasaki Plant and surrounding areas, the founding place of Fujitsu and a key base for its research and development into innovative technologies, Fujitsu will work to build advanced models leveraging its AI, 5G, supercomputer capabilities and next-generation networks. These are technologies that many anticipate will play an important role in building the sustainable cities of the future.

To respond to emerging challenges, Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki will leverage the latest computing and next-generation network technologies to widely implement a Social Digital Twin in the project’s four priority areas. 

The Social Digital Twin digitally reproduces information in real time related to the economy, society and the environment, and will play a key role in the partners’ efforts to contribute to the fulfillment of the United Nations’Sustainable Development Goals.

In July, they will begin to collect citizens’ “voice” and perspectives through the use of digital technology and conduct design thinking workshops. Students will also participate in internships that aim to solve societal issues, such as envisioning a sustainable future for the City of Kawasaki. 

Further, Fujitsu and the City of Kawasaki will promote inclusive urban development centered on its citizens, including the exploration of new ideas that emphasise diversity through the use of ICT at the Kawasaki City School for the Deaf.

Also, Fujitsu is working to create a resilient society that prioritises the environment.