Fujitsu cranks up Singapore workplace makeover

Fujitsu is transforming its office in Singapore to support smart working and diverse working styles with a focus on innovation, technology and driving trust.

The move will affect more than 500 employees, and is part of Fujitsu Work Life Shift, their global strategic transformation campaign over a five-year period to create a more empowering, productive and creative working experience.

To future-proof the company, Fujitsu in Singapore will see a shift in areas including work, allowance and staff welfare development, away from the traditional assumption that employees commute to designated offices every day. 

Starting this year, Fujitsu will introduce flexible work arrangements for all employees in Singapore, where employees can spend up to 90% of their time working from home.

All full-time employees in Singapore receive a one-time allowance of up to S$1,000 to support their work-from-home needs.

Based on employees’ feedback on their envisaged use of office space, as well as expert advice, Fujitsu’s office space in Singapore will be redesigned to support greater collaboration, enable productivity and accommodate diverse work styles.

A staff employee survey conducted during the Circuit Breaker period in 2020 shows that one-third of respondents cited meetings as their main purpose to return to the office, while two-fifths (43%) would prefer to be in the office to clear administrative matters. 

Employees opined that face-to-face meetings were considered more efficient for “important” meetings and project discussions. Another important aspect is the social connection with colleagues — the people-to-people interaction to establish better working relationships. 

Fujitsu will review and introduce solutions to streamline workflow and enhance existing processes such as IT support, collaboration, project approvals, while maintaining data security. 

Enhanced secure login methods without the need of VPN will be deployed for all employees to provide greater efficiency and better employee experience while managing network bandwidth.   

A series of Fujitsu Work Life Shift digital solutions will be progressively deployed to improve collaboration and enhance workflow. Employees will be able to stay connected regardless of their locations through collaboration and enterprise-grade social networking tools. 

A new Helpdesk tool will be rolled out to facilitate more efficient IT support for staff working remotely or in the office.