Fuji Corporation transforms its WAN with the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform & Unity Boost WAN optimization

Fuji Corporation is an enterprise founded on innovation, and to this day it is that same spirit of innovation that drives the company forward. Fuji Corporation is a leading global developer and manufacturer for industrial robotic solutions and machine tools that include electronic component mounting robots, modular production equipment, compact multi-joint robots, and mobility support robots.

With the move to AWS, and adoption of a growing number of SaaS applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365, Fuji Corporation needed to modernize its traditional wide-area network (WAN) architecture comprised of wide-area Ethernet and MPLS connectivity. The primary drivers for the new WAN were to ensure stable, performant and scalable connectivity to AWS, while lowering costs and reducing dependence on MPLS and Ethernet service providers.

The Fuji team focused on SD-WAN as the ideal path to modernize Fuji Corporation’s WAN, and established a clear set of requirements for selecting an SD-WAN vendor. These included the ability to use broadband instead of expensive MPLS, even for VoIP, as well as capabilities to minimize latency for users accessing files and applications in AWS, and local breakout to SaaS.

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