FPT Software, Toshiba power Takashimaya app in Vietnam

Takashimaya Vietnam and its partners FPT Software and Toshiba Digital Solutions have launched a new CRM system that will allow the department store chain to offer a new customer-oriented service through its website and mobile app, Takashimaya Việt Nam or Takashimaya VN.

The app promises better shopping experience with its loyalty program, Takashimaya Membership Bonus Point Gift Card Program, at the Takashimaya Department Store located in Ho Chi Minh City.

The new mobile app is intended to provide customers a seamless end-to-end user experience and offer members on-the-go access to personalised information and services, promotions and campaign programs, as well as other benefits.

Takashimaya VN has interactive features including the accumulation of points and the ability to check the member’s shopping history, without the need to carry a physical membership card.

With the new CRM system, Takashimaya will also be able to communicate better with customers and understand customers’ demands by running data-driven marketing campaigns in real-time. These benefits will help Takashimaya build a better relationship with its customers, increase customer loyalty and strengthen its business.

Takashimaya Vietnam is the first branch store among Takashimaya’s overseas group to implement a mobile app developed by FPT Software and Toshiba.

Previously in 2016, FPT Software and Toshiba had worked together to introduce a Retail Loyalty Program Management System to Vietnam, which was based on the core solution from Toshiba known as PointArtist.