FPT Software expands reach to Europe, teams up with SCSK EU

Vietnam-based digital transformation services provider FPT Software has teamed up with SCSK Europe, a subsidiary of the Japan-based system integrator SCSK as part of efforts to expands its foothold into European markets.

Applying the “Fast Automation” framework, FPT Software has successfully helped SCSK Europe streamline six internal processes in just four weeks, by deploying its award-winning RPA (robotic process automation) platform akaBot. 

FPT Software’s offshore team then provided a comprehensive understanding of RPA’s benefits and armed SCSK employees with the necessary skills and mentality for the upcoming changes with the emergence of digital transformation.

Following their internal success, SCSK Europe introduced FPT Software’s akaBot to their clients in the chemical and agriculture industries, replacing 100% of the human effort in their data extraction and loan credits approval processes. 

SCSK EU general manager Masatoshi Chiba said RPA is a powerful tool to resolve the bottleneck in business processes, delivering a much streamlined and efficient workflow. 

“We believe that we can always extend the automation horizons even more by integrating RPA robots with other intelligent technologies,” said Chiba.

“Since 2018, we have established MOU for the comprehensive partnership to seek to supply a wider range of services and solutions and to expand our operations in the global through this partnership with FPT,” added Chiba.

According to FPT Software COO Tran Dang Hoa, the collaboration paved the way for FPT Software’s expansion in robotic automation and digital transformation in the EU and on a global scale.

FPT Software and SCSK’s partnership  dates back to 2018 when the two cooperated in supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, especially in financial and automotive systems development. 

Both sides joined forces in providing IT Services and business development through the Asia-Pacific operations of major SCSK shareholder Sumitomo. 

First entering the European market in 2008, FPT Software has established seven offices and development centres, and intends to penetrate further with digital transformation as the key driving force. 

The global IT firm targeted this strategic area as its first port for capital commitment in the value of $100 million in the upcoming years, with the United Kingdom and Germany