Flipkart leverages Google Cloud for digital-first drive

Google Cloud has entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with Flipkart, to help India’s homegrown consumer internet ecosystem fast-track its innovation and cloud strategy. 

This partnership is intended to boost Flipkart into its next phase of growth and advance its vision of onboarding India’s next 200 million shoppers and hundreds of thousands of sellers. 

Through the team up, Flipkart will scale on Google Cloud’s infrastructure to reach more Flipkart customers. By leveraging Google Cloud’s secure and scalable global infrastructure and advanced networking technologies, Flipkart expects to deliver robust app access and performance even during peak purchase seasons with heightened traffic. 

Flipkart will also continue to advance the pace of new product development by building on Google Cloud, advancing its expansion into Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets in India.

Also, Flipkart will make its data platform more efficient by deploying Google Cloud’s advanced data analytics and machine learning technologies. 

This will enable the company to better analyse traffic and transactional data, unlock rich real-time insights into customer purchasing and shopping behavior,  identify trends and patterns with increased demand and create more personalised recommendations to enrich customer experience.

Further, as a long time Google Workspace customer, Flipkart will expand its use of the flexible solution across its rapidly growing workforce to create innovative human-centered employee experiences and deepen connections in this new hybrid work environment.

“Our strategic alliance with Google Cloud will enable us to accelerate our digital transformation, power productivity and advance our innovation agenda,” Jeyandran Venugopal, chief product and technology officer a t Flipkart.

Bikram Singh Bedi, managing director of  Google Cloud India, said Flipkart’s growth in India has been powered by its digital-first strategy and forward thinking approach to cloud technology. 

“As the company continues to scale and grow its e-commerce platform, we will work together to drive technological innovations and help Flipkart drive breakthrough businesses in the future,” he said.