EziBuy boosts smart retail capabilities with MicroStrategy platform

EziBuy, a New Zealand-based multi-channel fashion and homeware retailer, teamed up with United States-based MicroStrategy to embrace data-driven retail, particularly by harnessing HyperIntelligence.

HyperIntelligence is a new class of analytics where insights are automatically surfaced in the websites and applications where people already work to do their jobs.

“Partnering with MicroStrategy was a way to trigger action and follow the breadcrumb trail to answer follow-up questions without having to navigate to different places while speeding up the time it takes to get to the information you need,” said Anton Vermeer, business intelligence architect at EziBuy.

EziBuy focused their approach by having a high adoption of MicroStrategy throughout the entire business, in verticals such as monitoring strategic trends and company performance; store performance, space analysis, stock management, and visitor traffic; and website analytics for e-commerce.

“As a business with a pressing need to stay on top of things and understand what the customers want, EziBuy integrates MicroStrategy solutions across many of their functions to up their business intelligence game,” said Ronen Naishtein, VP of sales at MicroStrategy.

“Across areas like retail stores, e-commerce, distribution centers, as well as for management from top to bottom, MicroStrategy helps to monitor trends, provide advanced analytics, and even improve the business on the financial front,” said Naishtein.

By answering potential questions even before they are asked, HyperIntelligence makes gaining insights and taking action quicker and more effective.

The EziBuy team can now monitor best-selling items across their catalog, flag issues such as low stock or weak performance that may be developing and allow the relevant business units to investigate and address using embedded links within the Cards themselves. 

With numerous items to sort through during normal operations, seasonal sales, or big marketing pushes, this means less time is wasted, while the data provides analytics that can further improve sales performances in the future as part of the dossiers of information put together by the platform.

With easy access to all the pertinent information about any given staff member, the EziBuy team can pivot with agility and meet demand. This applies to not just the marketing department, or the backend development staff, but also the store associates on the frontline.

When interacting with customers, store associates are more readily able to answer questions related to the items being sold, easily assist with stock replenishment through the system.