EssilorLuxottica harnesses Boomi platform to speed up operations

Eyewear pioneer EssilorLuxottica has implemented Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to expedite order processing to meet higher demand for its products across ASEAN, the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, India, and Australia and New Zealand (AMERA). 

Using the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, EssilorLuxottica quickly and easily integrated internal applications and customer orders from a variety of channels in real time, unlocking significant efficiencies and savings. 

Having leveraged the Boomi platform to successfully integrate approximately 10,000 external customers to its business-to-business (B2B) system in 2019, EssilorLuxottica AMERA again sought Boomi’s cloud-based solutions in late 2020 amid bottlenecks stemming from the combination of supply chain disruptions and higher demand. 

Unifying data formats and improving data integration between all internal applications became an urgent business need, prompting EssilorLuxottica AMERA to deploy the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, including Boomi’s electronic data interchange (EDI), and API Management tools. 

Running a host of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), EssilorLuxottica was keen to achieve ERP modernisation and drive the efficiency of its Next Generation (NG) Order to Cash processing platform, which handles approximately 70,000 to 80,000 orders daily. 

“The challenge was to replace all the existing middleware, customised microservices, and third-party middleware to enable greater data sharing capacities and performance in order to keep up with customer expectations,” said Mel Yuson, director of enterprise architecture at EssilorLuxottica AMERA. 

“We needed a service-level agreement (SLA) that could effectively oversee immediate integration, not via batch data integration nor synchronous, but one that is in real time and asynchronous,” said Yuson. 

Yuson said EssilorLuxottica AMERA sought Boomi’s services to orchestrate higher data payloads and enhance order processing performance, resiliency, and scalability so that end-to-end order processing would take under a minute — and ideally around 30 seconds — highlighting that any delays would cause a serious backlog in the manufacturing process. 

“We initially faced numerous challenges as this was the first time we managed a real time, asynchronous integration of EssilorLuxottica’s order processing platform and ERP using Boomi’s platform,” he said. 

However, with assistance from Boomi’s Customer Success and Support team, EssilorLuxottica AMERA investigated and identified performance degradation factors including the network file system (NFS) protocol. 

On the back of Boomi’s recommendation, EssilorLuxottica AMERA deployed solutions to simplify file sharing and increase operational efficiency by four times. Boomi’s partnership approach enabled EssilorLuxottica AMERA to address the implementation roadblocks and achieve the SLA target of 30 seconds. 

In addition to accomplishing the 30 second end-to-end order processing SLA, EssilorLuxottica AMERA reduced costs and optimized its data integration infrastructure, which was previously being handled by external parties. 

“Integrating new and existing technologies facilitates the level of flexibility and agility that customer-facing enterprises need today, enabling unification of data sources to achieve performance efficiencies, generate revenue streams, and drive digital transformation,” said Ajit Melarkode, VP of business development in APJ at Boomi.