Equinix wraps up $335-million buy of Packet platform

Equinix has completed the acquisition of Packet, a bare metal automation platform, in a transaction announced last January 14 and which accelerates Equinix’s strategy to help enterprises seamlessly deploy hybrid multicloud architectures.

The combined company will operate the existing Packet business as “Packet, an Equinix company,” while developing new solutions for enterprise customers that combine Packet’s bare metal automation technology with the ecosystems, global reach and interconnection fabric of Platform Equinix.

Zachary Smith, former CEO of Packet, will serve as managing director of the bare metal business.

Equinix aims to create advanced solutions for enterprises to rapidly deploy digital infrastructure at global scale with differentiated performance and robust integration to the public cloud, by leveraging Packet’s developer-oriented bare metal service offering to accelerate its organic bare metal solution development.

Businesses will be able to deploy advanced IT infrastructures via the physical or virtual consumption model of their choice, enabling them to more easily reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything that matters to their business. 

For Equinix’s cloud partners, an Equinix bare metal offering will also help accelerate global hybrid cloud deployments and increase enterprise consumption of their cloud services by reducing the time to market for deployments and enabling new use cases that require both public cloud and private infrastructure.

Bare metal is a new category of digital infrastructure that enables businesses to deploy workloads  on secure, single-tenant hardware, distributed geographically for proximity and performance.

With a combined Equinix and Packet solution, enterprises and service providers can gain the agility and flexibility they need to build and deploy low-latency services at the edge either through their choice of owned physical deployments, or by using the combined offering, which leverages as-a-service consumption to reduce capex and resource requirements.

“We started Packet to help make infrastructure a competitive advantage for the leading companies of the world,” Zachary Smith, Managing Director of Bare Metal, Equinix. “In my new role, I look forward to leading our combined bare metal efforts and leveraging the unique strengths of both Packet and Equinix to help digital businesses seamlessly deploy on Platform Equinix.”