Entrust, MK Group cue cards for Vietnam’s chip-based national ID

Image from Vietnam Social Security

Entrust has just announced that the company has facilitated the roll-out of Vietnam’s citizen identity (ID) card project through a strategic partnership with local firm MK Group Joint Stock Company. 

Entrust issuance systems and software solutions — along with Vietnam-based MK Group – who will be managing on-the-ground operations and overseeing the local card issuance, will enable the high-speed, high-volume personalisation of the first 50-million national ID cards. 

The new chip-embedded national ID cards will replace and consolidate the three most recent versions of national ID cards in Vietnam – nine-digit, 12-digit, and barcode-based, introduced in 1999, 2012, and 2016 respectively – with new chip-based cards, introducing a more secure, standardised way to authenticate citizen identities.

“MK Group is proud to introduce and implement leading technology for multi-application smart cards, with ID and biometric authentication application in accordance to ICAO standards,” said Khang Nguyen, chairman of MK Group. 

“MK Group is well placed to respond to the growing focus on government-grade security and assurance demonstrated in this card issuance project, through the delivery of robust and scalable solutions,” said Nguyen.

MK Smart, a subsidiary of MK Group, developed the operating system of the chip on smart cards and its applications, in compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) standards and local security requirements.

The chip-based ID Card, which is bundled with ICAO-compliance e-ID data, biometric and digital signing capabilities, will be used to log into many different government and private portals, where thousands of services are provided to citizens. Citizens can also use the card for authentication with government bodies and banks.

Entrust has been delivering high-volume issuance systems, consumable supplies and professional services to fulfill the first batch of 50 million smart cards.