Ensign-Bickford picks Boomi to boost work processes

International science and technology conglomerate Ensign-Bickford Industries (EBI) is using the Boomi Enterprise Platform to manage growth, connect international sites, support global operations, and automate critical business processes.

Since its founding in 1836, EBI has gradually expanded the company’s market presence to include aerospace and defense, pet food, and agricultural science. 

Such organic growth made it necessary to expand EBI’s capability to maintain enterprise-level system integrations, particularly with its IFS enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.

EBI wanted to automate the payroll process using Workday and ADP, integrating IFS (ERP) to the Equans manufacturing execution system (MES) to support shop floor operations, and create a data pipeline delivering SAP Concur travel and expense (T&E) data to IFS on a daily basis, a formerly manual task performed monthly.

“Since our inception, EBI has been able to expand and evolve in new areas, allowing us to participate in businesses that are relevant to the future of the world and have multigenerational growth prospects. But, this also created an integration challenge and hundreds of hours of manual work for our employees,” said Brendan Kehoe, CIO of EBI.

“With Boomi, we’ve been able to connect core systems and automate workflows to drive operational efficiency in areas like manufacturing, finance, and human resources, helping us to reduce costs and improve the experience across employees and customers,” said Kehoe. “Now, we are set up to continue our growth and expansion with businesses that share our core set of values.”

Before Boomi, EBI was using legacy processes that only loaded T&E data once per month, rather than the needed daily load that would allow business units to track financial activity throughout the month. 

The monthly manual process was time consuming and had many potential points of failure, ultimately consuming over 100 hours of manual work annually.

Since implementing the Boomi Enterprise Platform, EBI has achieved cost savings, enhanced productivity, improved work-life balance, and increased customer satisfaction. 

The Boomi-Concur T&E integration eliminated 75% of potential failure points, reducing time spent on troubleshooting. The integration further minimised manual work by 95% and eliminated 100% of manual effort required before T&E data is loaded in IFS.

Boomi’s integration with the Workday-to-ADP payroll has greatly reduced the potential for errors and the number of hours needed from finance and human resources. Similar metrics are expected for EBI’s other efforts to automate and improve business processes.