emporio.ai, Snowflake boost data processing for indie grocers

Photo by Anne Tran

emporio.ai is leveraging Snowflake to enhance data update performance across hundreds of millions of shopper transactions in small neighbourhood grocers in Southeast Asia.

The retail measurement and targeted marketing platform for independent small retailers and CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and big data technology to connect thousands of point of sales (POS) systems from independent small-medium grocery merchants with brands and suppliers of CPG. 

Edward Yeh, CTO at emporio.ai, said they needs to access and process data from various PoS systems, especially when onboarding new merchants every month in different countries. 

“We need a platform that can ensure high-data quality in real-time, be able to analyse a diverse set of data using complex algorithms and allows us to scale to meet the growing needs of our clients,” said Yeh. “Snowflake’s platform provides the tools we need to securely integrate data from a vast network of merchants and retailers, and convert the data to actionable customer insights.”

Fast-moving consumer goods and retail in Southeast Asia remains very fragmented and especially more so during the pandemic, such that neighbourhood stores provide an important sales channel for the CPG industry and consumers. 

There is a need for merchants and brands to collaborate in real-time to achieve deeper data insights that can uncover more growth opportunities. With Snowflake, emporio.ai expects to be able to expand their data network via the Snowflake Data Cloud and be the platform that facilitates efficient data sharing and seamless retailer and brand interaction for targeted marketing and sales optimisation.

“We are glad that Snowflake’s platform can support small and medium businesses, help to increase their category sales, enhance the return of investments in marketing, and improve shopper experience,” said Geoff Soon, Snowflake’s managing director for South Asia.