DKSH, 2C2P enhance patient support programs in Asia

DKSH Business Unit Healthcare, a partner for healthcare companies seeking to grow their business in Asia and beyond, has entered into a partnership with payment platform provider 2C2P to build new payment capabilities for DKSH’s patient engagement management platform called PSPhere. 

The partnership helps to make medication and medical devices more affordable and accessible for patients across Asia. 

By partnering with 2C2P, patients on PSPhere can apply for rebates, installment plans, and e-wallets in a secure and compliant manner.

Singapore-based 2C2P offers payment services to enterprises operating in Asia and beyond, and aggregates over 250 international and local payment providers, card schemes, and financial institutions, onto their platform, to enable businesses from all sectors to accept various payment methods securely through one point of integration.

Switzerland-based DKSH’s PSPhere, a digital engagement platform for patients and healthcare players in the Asia-Pacific region, seeks to orchestrate the digitised patient journey by bringing all players in the healthcare ecosystem together, while putting the patient at the center of all efforts. 

Patient access, adherence, and convenience programs are part of the core offering of digital products available on PSPhere. 

Ensuring access to critical life-saving as well as chronic disease care is one of the missions of the PSPhere offering.