Deliveroo Singapore lifts fleet safety with Rider Dome

Deliveroo Singapore has launched new safety initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to providing a safe working environment for its fleet of over 11,000 riders. 

The new initiatives include a three-month pilot programme with Rider Dome, an Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) based on artificial intelligence (AI) which analyses real-time data and detects potential threats on the road. 

Deliveroo will be the first food delivery platform in Singapore to roll out such a program, starting with a select number of riders, using front and back cameras installed onto motorcycles and proprietary algorithms to assess potential safety risks. 

The AI-led system comes with a processing unit that will trigger real-time alerts in the form of light and sound for the riders, when safety risks such as collisions on the road are detected. This helps prevent accidents even before they occur.

In addition, Rider Dome also comes with an app that monitors a rider’s journey on the motorcycle, provides analytics, and automatically calls emergency services in case of an accident. 

“Riders are a fundamental pillar of our business and are at the heart of what we do,” said Jason Parke, head of operations at Deliveroo Singapore. “Their safety is of utmost importance and we are constantly looking for ways to better their daily riding conditions.”

Since 2018, Deliveroo has been focused on implementing safety initiatives, which include a first-of-its-kind accident and injury insurance for riders. This insurance protects every Deliveroo rider on the road completely free of charge and gives riders security in the event of an injury while maintaining the flexible work they value.

To raise awareness of rider safety on the roads, Deliveroo last year appointed the month of October as “Rider Safety Month,” rolling out several safety initiatives including the launch of global safety app Busby. 

With Busby, Deliveroo riders will gain complimentary premium access to information like incident detection, danger hot spots as well as alerting nearby riders to RoadRadar drivers (such as drivers of trucks, lorries and cars) when Deliveroo riders are nearby. 

Regardless of their vehicle type, all active Deliveroo riders in Singapore can benefit from the app’s multi-layered safety functions.