Dedicare grows medical practice in Hong Kong with cloud accounting

FastLane, a tech savvy accountant and advisor, has partnered with Xero to accelerate digital transformation by providing customised cloud accounting and business solutions for Dedicare in Hong Kong. 

This enables Dedicare to operate the business efficiently by integrating the financial data and automating the reporting process to enhance the overall business decision making.

FastLane combines innovation and technology to provide professional services with a team of accountants and auditors to ensure that companies comply with the Hong Kong regulatory requirements while enhancing efficiency in the process. 

Being a Xero Platinum partner, FastLane helps Dedicare to engage in a time-efficient audit using Xero as part of their regular audit service. 

On top of the accounting services, there are various features that Dedicare must be accessible to the team with high availability to improve efficiency, ranging from handling clinic management to human resources and workflow needs to vaccination services.

FastLane allows Dedicare to integrate with multiple users to digitally store, access, deliver and process data across several linked devices.

By adopting digital transformation and implementing Xero to enhance efficiency in Dedicare business, FastLane enables Dedicare to achieve better business results and reduce costs successfully.

FastLane continuously explores the potential to integrate different cloud solutions to offer more comprehensive and more efficient corporate services, particularly for SME’s and startups, including xero accounting and auditing services. 

Their team guides start-ups’ and SMEs’ entrepreneurs to adopt digitalisation in their operations and has the goal to help clients to handle time-consuming, non-core business tasks, which help grow their businesses.