Common places in Singapore park turn into games with ‘catbot’ guide

Local startup Hidden Singapore in partnership with JTC and businesses located at the Seletar Aerosapce Park has let out Void Deck Cat, a “catbot” that communicates with humans over WhatsApp.

Void Deck Cat will will bring visitors on an immersive trail around the scenic estate where they will solve puzzles as a team, uncover hidden gems, learn secret histories, and redeem surprise gifts from local food an beverage businesses along the way.

The Seletar Aerospace Park Game can be played between 9 am and 7 pm every day, and is estimated to take between one to two hours with scheduled breaks in between. 

A soft launch of the trail last June 24 attracted over 160 teams from all over Singapore. 

“With the launch of the ‘catbot,’ we hope to attract friends and families to explore the hidden gems within our estate and enhance community awareness on the range of offerings within Seletar Aerospace Park – from history to nature and dining options,” said Eai-Sy Yap, director JTC’s new estates business development and marketing division.

Void Deck Cat is the brainchild of Lim Yee Hung, 37, co-founder of Hidden Singapore. 

“Not many people know this, but Void Deck Cat is real — I see her every night in my HDB void deck, and she talks to me through her eyes,” said Lim. “All I’ve done is translate it for WhatsApp.”

Hidden Singapore was founded in 2021 by two ex-classmates, with the mission of making Singapore a happier place by telling its hidden stories. 

Void Deck Cat turns ordinary places in Singapore into immersive multiplayer games that allow people to build genuine connections with each other and with the place itself.

Void Deck Cat’s previous achievements include guiding over 4,000 players in one day during the launch of the Thomson-East Coast Line TEL3 launch, in partnership with the Land Transport Authority.