Clifford Hallam Healthcare turns to Rimini Street for SAP upgrade

Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2)has expanded its current contract of software solutions with Rimini Street to include Rimini Consult Professional Services for an upgrade of CH2’s business-critical SAP BusinessObjects to version 4.2.

The fully integrated pharmaceutical and medical consumers distributor in Australia, a member of the federal government program Community Service Obligation, ensures all Australian residents have timely access to medicines, regardless of their location. 

CH2 relies heavily on SAP BusinessObjects to provide the critical data that is required to maintain compliance with the program. 

In addition, SAP BusinessObjects is the core to its in-house developed application responsible for producing sales data that ensures timely payments to CH2 from its pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers.

To improve and accelerate business operations that directly impact the company’s aggressive business goal, CH2 looked to Rimini Street, which has been its trusted SAP software support provider since 2019. 

Rimini Consult offers a range of solutions including technology investment road mapping, migration, and skills augmentation. 

CH2 leveraged the vendor-agnostic suite of services to review options for increasing the speed, efficiency, and security of its SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 environment.

“Rimini Street took the time to listen and learn about my environment, giving me clarity and peace of mind knowing what the outcome will be and how it will improve my operations,” said Nav Pillai, CIO at CH2. 

“They even provided in-depth license advisory support, helping me understand exactly what my total cost of ownership would be if I were to make the move to version 4.2 versus 4.3,” said Pillai.

With the migration successfully implemented, CH2 has benefitted from a reduction in security vulnerabilities and need for break fix support, improved speed in reporting, and greater confidence gained in the data collected.