Citibank full offering for digital natives debuts in Hong Kong

Citibank has launched “Citi Plus,” a fully digital experience with deposit, investment, protection and shopping rewards all at the client’s fingertips, offering a groundbreaking banking experience for “digital natives” who prefer mobile banking.

Citi Plus clients will be able to freely manage their banking needs without the limitation of branch operating hours, and enjoy key banking services flexibly and easily through the Citi Mobile App or online banking with just a few simple steps. 

Users can also obtain customised wealth management information and knowledge kits.

Hong Kong is the first market in the Asia-Pacific region to launch Citi Plus, which will be launched officially in the first quarter of next year.

The features of Citi Plus includes the Citi Interest Booster low threshold for investment with access to customised wealth management information; the all-in-one Citi Mobile App; and the Citi Plus Credit Card and Mastercard Debit Card.

“Nowadays, young consumers have endless desires and expectations for digital living, and digital experience on wealth management is becoming part of their daily lives,” said Lawrence Lam, consumer business manager of Citibank Hong Kong.

Citi Plus demonstrates the digital mindset and capabilities of our team, and we expect through launching this new service, our new clients will be doubled in the next two years,” said Lam.

He added that Citi Plus also promotes inclusion in wealth management, allowing young clients to get comprehensive financial investment services more easily. 

The pandemic has sped up digitalisation, and consumers have experienced personally the boundless possibilities of digital living,” said Lam. “All sectors will explore their roles regarding digital banking services, which will make mobile banking even more popular.”