Citibank, AlipayHK launch Open API-driven points conversion

Citibank and AlipayHK have launched a points conversion programme enabled by Open API technology. Under the program, customers with an AlipayHK e-wallet can redeem AlipayHK Coupons with points earned through Citi credit card.

The coupons are accepted by all AlipayHK partner merchants at their physical stores and can be used for bill payment and other services made through the AlipayHK App.

By linking a designated Citi credit card to their AlipayHK account and authorising the Citi Points conversion program, customers can check the balance of Citi Points on the related page in the AlipayHK App and use such Citi Points instantly to redeem for AlipayHK Coupons in order to enjoy discounts.

With AlipayHK covering a growing number of local partner merchants and bill payment services, Citi credit cardholders will find this Citi Points conversion program even more handy and rewarding.

“Since Citibank became the first bank in Hong Kong to make available APIs for the developer community in 2017, we have been working with different business partners to build a comprehensive digital ecosystem that fits our customers’ daily lives,” said Lawrence Li, head of cards and unsecured lending at Citibank Hong Kong.

“Through the application of Open API technology, we are pleased to partner with AlipayHK to enhance customer experiences in electronic payment and credit card points conversion, providing a flexible way to spend and pay in line with the preference of the local consumers,” said Li.

Jennifer Tan, CEO of Alipay Payment Services (HK), said that in the future, they will continue to explore other possibilities of Open API for users.