Cisco powered first-ever hybrid G20 Summit in Indonesia

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) of Indonesia tapped Cisco to power the first-ever hybrid G20 2022 Summit held in Bali, November 15-16. 

Cisco provided secure collaboration with Webex by Cisco, and wireless connectivity and monitoring capabilities with Meraki and Thousand Eyes for the event, including the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

“Secure and seamless collaboration is crucial for any hybrid event, and even more so for an event like the G20 Summit,” said Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate.

“Cisco’s complete range of products and services not only supports seamless collaboration; it also maintains the confidentiality of leaders’ interactions,” said Plate.

He added that Kominfo has had a successful history working with Cisco for various G20 virtual meetings. Since Indonesia received the G20 2022 presidential mandate in October last year, Kominfo has held hundreds of Cisco-powered high-level hybrid meetings at various levels, including at the ministerial level, both physically and virtually.

Kominfo relied on the Webex Suite to enable delegates and participants to stay connected and engaged in this year’s G20 Summit. The Webex Suite is the industry’s first suite for hybrid work that provides Cloud/Premise Calling, Messaging, Meetings, Polling, Whiteboarding, Asynchronous Video and Events in a unified, highly secure offering. 

Marina Kacaribu, managing director of Cisco Indonesia, said Webex’s built-in security, in compliance with global privacy laws and regulations, gives organisations data security, compliance visibility and control over their meetings, allowing customers to collaborate securely. 

“This has helped us earn the trust of many government institutions around the world including Kominfo,” said Kacaribu.

Webex was first used in the G20 forum in 2020 under the Saudi Arabian presidency. This was the first time the G20 was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The G20 is a multilateral cooperation forum for countries and intergovernmental organisations with the most influential economies in the world. Indonesia joined this forum in 1999 after successfully overcoming the economic crisis at that time.