CIMB Philippines uses AI to score loan applicants

Image courtesy of CIMB Philippines.

CIMB Bank Philippines has partnered with with Singapore-based fintech CredoLab to extend financial products to underbanked customers in the Philippines, starting with personal loans, according to a press release.

CIMB Bank Philippines uses CredoApp (CredoLab’s white label mobile application) to instantly score applicants, including “thin-file” customers who lack sufficient or any traditional credit bureau data. With CredoLab’s artificial intelligence-based credit scoring capabilities, Filipinos can apply for a credit loan of up to P1,000,000 even in the absence of fulfilling traditional banking requirements. Within 10 minutes, in-principle approvals can be granted on their personal loans through the CIMB App and without having to step into or queue at a CIMB bank branch. 

Commenting on their latest digital initiative, Vijay Manoharan, CEO of CIMB Bank, Philippines, said, “As an all-digital bank, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the banking experience for our customers. With CredoLab, we are now focusing on making our application and underwriting process more efficient so that we can extend credit to a broader market without compromising on our cost of risk. In this way, we can further drive financial inclusion by enabling more Filipinos access to formal credit lending facilities efficiently.”

CredoApp’s bank-grade algorithm claims to analyse nearly 500,000 features from opt-in and permissioned smartphone metadata to find the most predictive behavioural patterns before converting them into credit scores, in a matter of seconds. This “enables banks like CIMB to understand the repayment behaviour and creditworthiness of their applicants with greater accuracy,” says the press release.

Within two weeks of the launch, the partnership claims to have already scored over 1,000 customers all in less than 10 minutes with minimal traditional data requirements. CIMB Bank Philippines expects this number to grow at an “exponential rate in the weeks to come” as the bank steps up its marketing efforts to raise customer awareness and interest in CIMB’s personal loan product.

This partnership with CredoLab supports CIMB Bank Philippines’ plans to onboard more digital-savvy Filipinos by the end of 2019 by using the country’s growing smartphone penetration usage to their benefit.