Ciena beefs up JPNAP network for gaming, 4K/8K video traffic

Japan Network Access Point (JPNAP), an Internet Exchange (IX) provider operated by Internet Multifeed (IMF), has deployed Ciena’s data center interconnect (DCI) platform to meet surging capacity demands.

With nearly five times more traffic today compared to several years ago, JPNAP needed a high-performing DCI backbone network to efficiently handle internet traffic in bustling hubs such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sendai.

“Delivering fast and superior digital experiences for end users today requires that IX services be delivered with low latency via multiple data centers, necessitating enhanced DCI performance,” said Katsuyasu Toyama, COO and EVP at IMF. 

“Deploying Ciena’s DCI strengthens JPNAP’s backbone network and reinforces our ability to provide reliable connectivity to more than 200 customers such as service providers, global cloud and content providers, and enterprises, for high-capacity connectivity services,” said Toyoma.

JPNAP installed Ciena’s Waveserver Ai compact DCI platform to provide 100GbE connectivity between data centers where JPNAP’ PoP exists. With this deployment, JPNAP has simplified its network through increased automation with Waveserver Ai’s integrated line system capability. 

This has allowed JPNAP to lower capital and operational expenditures while providing ample point-to-point DCI capacity up to 4 Tbps between locations.

“JPNAP’s deployment of Ciena satisfies not only the largest DCI requirements but also paves the way for higher capacities, including 800 Gbps wavelengths with 400 GbE services,” said Kazuyasu Takahashi, VP and general manager of Ciena Japan.