China’s VariFlight cued for global expansion via Amadeus teamup

Photo courtesy of VariFlight

Amadeus has partnered with China-based aviation data technology provider VariFlight to integrate Dynamic Flight Schedule, which will benefit over 300 million air travellers and significantly boosts VariFlight’s services beyond its dominant home market in China.

VariFlight currently offers airline schedules, live flight status, and real-time service data for airports and aircraft in China, covering more than 94% of global commercial flights.

Travellers in China are used to frequent flight delays, leaving holidaymakers with disrupted itineraries and business travellers missing appointments with customers. 

With VariFlight, travellers are kept up to date if their flight will depart on time or is delayed. This allows them to be more efficient with their time, making rescheduling easier as well as cutting down unnecessary waiting time.

VariFlight provides such services through its own app which has accumulated over 180 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms, as well as partners such as Baidu and WeChat.

Following this partnership, VariFlight is geared for global expansion and adding on ancillary services such as airport transfers and online travel bookings.

Flight disruptions have become a recurring challenge for the travel industry — traveler capacity is growing and straining the increasing complex nature of airline networks,” said Brian Chien, Amadeus managing director for online travel in Greater China.

Hongfeng Zheng, founder and CEO of VariFlight, said that through this partnership with Amadeus, they will be able to further develop our services and expand globally.