China Mobile onboards Comba for rollout of 5G extended picocell

Image courtesy of China Mobile

China Mobile selected Hong Kong-based Comba Network Systems to contribute to the rollout of one of the largest deployments of 5G extended picocell, which involves 20,000 small cell base stations. 

A subsidiary of the Comba Telecom group, Comba Network is a provider of equipment and solutions to support telecom operators to build 5G public and private networks globally.

Comba Network more than 20 rivals and won two bid packages, including single-mode extended picocell and dual-mode extended picocell. The corresponding shares of the two winning packages are 23.91% and 18.85%, respectively.

In the 5G era, the coexistence of macro cell and small cell becomes the mainstream for modern network rollout. 

As the new generation of cost-effective wireless coverage solution, the 5G extended picocell supports 5G single-mode and 4G+5G dual-mode configurations. 

Dedicatedly designed for complex indoor scenarios, it allows greater flexibility and efficiency for various medium- and large-scale indoor radio networks that require medium to high capacity, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, schools, and hospitals.

As a global player in the small cell market, Comba Network was one of the pioneers to invest in research and development of 5G cloud-based small cell solutions.

Comba Network professes commitment to continuous innovation and development in the information and communication domains. 

Being selected once again by China Mobile demonstrates the company’s capabilities in technological novelty in the small cell market, Comba Network said.

Going forward, Comba Network intends to continue to reinforce its leading position in the small cell market, while striving to deliver high-value solutions and services in developing 5G networks for the customers.