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China Mobile HK picks 18 pilot schools for 5G STEM drive

Photo courtesy of CMHK

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has teamed up with the Modern Education Research Society and the Hong Kong Learning Active Promotion Society to launch the world’s first 5G STEM Pilot School Initiative, marking the first step of 5G+ Education.

More than 200 primary school applications were received during the recruitment phase, and 18 schools were selected by a professional judging panel to become the pilot schools where the STEM primary school curriculum incorporating 5G concepts will be tested during the coming school year.

“This 5G-focused STEM course will help us enhance the quality of teaching and learning, while opening up new opportunities to students in the field of science and technology, and inspire creativity,” said Sean Lee, CEO of CMHK.

CMHK will be responsible for 5G technology and IoT support, and using its synchronous classroom platform to create a “One Platform” for accessing products from the 5G STEM alliance, to provide academic resources and communication capabilities for the education community.

At the same time, Modern Education Research Society will provide a “One Set of Teaching Materials” tailored to 5G technology, while the 5G STEM alliance will provide “One Set of Teaching Aids”, and the NB-loT and LTE chips, IoT cards, development boards as well as OneNET platform will be provided by CMHK.

The 18 participating schools will each allocate five to 20 teaching hours in the General Studies and/or Computer classes for the piloting of the first iteration of the 5G STEM curriculum during the 2019-2020 school year.

In the second phase, more primary and secondary schools are expected to join the pilot initiative. The goal is to carry out the third phase in September 2020 by promoting the 5G STEM course to more than 500 primary schools across Hong Kong.