Chang Hwa Bank pumps up IT efficiency with TPIsoftware

TPIsoftware’s digiLogs recently helped Taiwan-based Chang Hwa Bank in introducing Log management strategy, using a one-stop log management system platform.

This enabled Chang Hwa Bank’s IT department to control 28 system servers in real time, and integrating and analysing massive amounts of data over 100G per day to monitor and control transactions. The trajectory analysis and real-time warnings work with the bank’s maintenance personnel to protect and navigate user transactions and information security.

Recently, Chang Hwa Bank’s digital services and functions have been iterated and upgraded. The trajectory and operation process of the system users must be fully recorded. 

The daily data processed by the banking system can reach up to 100G. In order to make the IT team face increasingly complex situations, the system Log can be monitored at any time and the efficiency of the maintenance process can be improved.

digiLogs’ “one-stop log management system” has established an exclusive “transaction tracking map” for Chang Hwa Bank. It can analyse, integrate and redefine the system data and present it on a single platform divided into different levels of authority. 

In order to comply with regulations and information security needs, it is not only necessary for enterprises to introduce Log management, but also regarded as an important part of IT maintenance. To effectively manage the data from Log Server, it must collect logs from various systems in different formats (more than 40 common types of logs), and carry out the five key tasks of integration, real-time, regularisation, centralisation and analysis requirements.

“digiLogs can provide enterprises with the most direct and comprehensive import applications, and deal with system exceptions in a direct and accurate way,” said said Pierre Hsia, director of the enterprise application product division of TPIsoftware.” “It allows the IT team to easily integrate and record the digital trajectory and double the operational efficiency.”

According to the IT Office of Chang Hwa Bank, they have seen the effective improvement of solving a problem from four to six hours down to 20-30 minutes with digiLogs.