Securing medical devices without increasing burden

Healthcare enterprises want to support medical IoT devices while ensuring that security does not strain on IT security resources. Here's how to balance it.

Quantum knows what you did last summer

Quantum computing used to be considered a technology bordering on science fiction. Little did we all expect 2019 to be a milestone year for quantum computing. Google’s announcement of achieving “quantum supremacy” sparked the debate once more...

Meeting room dynamics: Solving space management issues

Explore how leveraging AI and technology optimises meeting room bookings and adapts office spaces for future work trends and efficiency.

Can digital health turn payers into preventers?

Despite valiant efforts, health insurers today are, for the most part, still viewed by consumers as a payment system for their illness bills – period. They’ve yet to win the hearts and minds of...

Preparing for the new normal

Lasting close to two months, Singapore’s extended ‘circuit breaker’ has had serious implications for businesses across all sectors. During this time, a majority of businesses were required to halt or scale down on operations,...

Capturing growth in Asia’s digital economy despite talent shortage

By 2020, Asia Pacific will face an imminent labor shortage of 12.3 million. This figure is expected to reach 47 million by 2030, costing the region an annual opportunity cost of US$4.238 trillion. In...

How generative AI can empower developers to shift left

Explore the phases of generative AI in software development, empowering engineers and enhancing user experiences.

Passwords: A leaky defence in a dangerous world

Nations and businesses rely on digital technologies to deliver citizen services, scale, and grow. This reliance has only grown amidst COVID-19, where remote working and home-based learning have become a new norm. Unfortunately, also growing...

Zero trust: past, present, and a call to action for the future

Implementing zero trust isn't just about technology, but also people and culture. Here are a few tips on how to properly carry it out.

AI in public safety: a Southeast Asia perspective

Here's how Southeast Asian cities are using AI and CAD solutions to address public safety challenges amid rapid urbanisation and data deluge.
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Manual no more: PNG DataCo’s paperless journey

PNG DataCo transitions to a paperless system with DocuSign. boosting its efficiency and security across operations.