The cost of convenience: Managing fraud in APAC’s growing digital-first economy

The digital era we live in today has brought a level of convenience to our everyday lives which consumers have now grown accustomed to. Consumers now prize convenience above all, leading many businesses to...

How data sharing drives industry-wide innovation in financial services

In a rapidly transforming world where businesses struggle to increase digitalisation, financial services institutions are beginning to rethink IT investment decisions, bringing an increased focus on personalised offers and automating internal processes. This can...

Driving growth in APAC with cutting-edge connectivity

The faster internet connectivity afforded by 5G will unlock new uses for enterprises. This discussion explores the many possibilities.

Bringing 5G to life in the financial services sector

Here are some of the 5G innovations that are already operating across a variety of industries and signposts.

A third of phishing websites are impersonating banks. What can we do?

Cybercriminals are getting smarter in defrauding people. Here are a couple of ways to deter banking-related phishing scams.

In the run towards becoming innovative

Lean Experimentation can be an innovation engine to generate new ideas that create and maximise value. Here's why it's important.

Delivering on APAC’s digital potential: the data centre in 2023

Data centres will be the cornerstone that underpins real-time processing and low latency machine-to-machine communications to fuel APAC economies.

Navigating the murky waters of data abuse

Learn how businesses can safeguard customer data in Southeast Asia amid evolving regulations and privacy concerns.

An insecure Active Directory is just ransomware waiting to happen

Enhancing AD security to prevent ransomware attacks. Learn how to prioritise and monitor AD for effective threat detection and mitigation.

Powering the customer experience with AI and data

Explore how AI and analytics are transforming customer experience in APAC. Learn from OCBC Bank's success in leveraging hybrid cloud.
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Revealing the true cost of data: Confluent CTO’s insights

Confluent CTO Chad Verbowski discusses rising data costs and how new analytics advancements can manage and address them.