Bisham Kishnani

Sync up and scale up: using public cloud for your next big product

Developing a new app, service or connected device can be daunting. The process can be painstakingly slow at the start – funding is not always immediately available, and IT departments can sometimes take months to set up...
Marcus S Tan

The world’s already going mobile-first with AI

Companies with any digital strategy are now paying far more attention to the mobile Internet, particularly with respect to customer outreach, user interactions and relationships. So much so that search engine giant, Google, is...
Albert Nel

Unlocking Singapore’s potential through intelligent automation

Intelligent automation is now a top priority for the majority of organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Facing heightening competition and increasing customer demands, organizations must use new technologies to unlock the power of information. This is...
Scott Zoldi

Building ethical AI into banking innovations

It seems like everyone is excited about the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The hype has become intense, and understandably so. The technology has become part of everyday life, whether it’s speaking to Siri on your iPhone, Netflix...
Patricio Cummins

5G – the game changer for the content market

The race is on for 5G, the next iteration of wireless networking. South Korea is currently in the leading position by offering the world’s first commercial 5G services – users of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G smartphones can...
Vinay Awasthi

Reinventing endpoint security to guard the future of work

Today’s workplace is driven by the needs of a multi-generational workforce who demand the right devices, tools and environment to operate with freedom and without fear. But with frequent stories of data breaches in the news, ensuring the...
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No phoney business: How Sleek solved its call centre hiccup

Learn how Sleek, a digital platform helping companies register their business, solved call centre issues with cloud-based phone solution Aircall.