Carrefour taps Appier to boost online shopping platform

Carrefour Taiwan successfully boosted the conversion rate of its online shopping platform by 20% — with an increase among new customers by 25% and among existing customers by 15% — thanks to Appier’s retargeting advertising strategy and AiDeal’s hesitant buyer solution.

According to Appier, this demonstrates that the strategic use of coupons is key to winning new customers and attracting patronage from existing customers, which comes in handy when a brand is trying to build brand loyalty where repeat patronage is rewarded. 

From the performance growth of new/existing customers, the threshold for new customers has to be lower than existing ones, presenting better conversions. 

Carrefour launched its online store in 2015 in Taiwan and further set up a dedicated digital and e-commerce department to speed up its advancement in digital technology and strengthen its competitiveness. 

Carrefour Taiwan first adopted Appier’s cross-screen solution to increase the platform’s brand awareness and the number of visitors, and then enhanced transactions and optimised cost per conversion by combining artificial intelligence techniques. 

The pandemic has driven Carrefour’s online shopping scale to triple in 2020, with over 2 million online member subscriptions. After the Taiwanese government announced the Level 3 COVID-19 alert on May 12, 2021, the daily order volume of Carrefour Taiwan’s online shopping platform exceeded 23,000 per day in the first two weeks.

Appier uses three solutions to help Carrefour deal with the challenges — targeting high-value customers; visitor retargeting; and accelerating the conversion of hesitant buyers.

“AiDeal’s highly flexible hesitant buyer solution perfectly tackled retailers’ pain points in operation, turning brands from passive into proactive positions, deploying the room of profits timely, and avoiding the impact on overall profits from spamming coupons to all users,” said Jess Huang, Carrefour’s e-commerce project manager.

“With the support from the Appier team, we could design complementing digital strategies based on intelligence that fits our marketing needs in different campaigns, allowing Carrefour to come out tops in a competitive online retail environment,” said Huang.