Canva Button jazzes up HubSpot platform

HubSpot has released a new, in-depth integration with online design platform Canva that will help customers save time and design beautiful assets with the click of a button, all within the HubSpot platform.

The Canva Button brings the Canva experience right into the HubSpot platform so customers can design ads, banners, and social graphics, and publish to their marketing channels directly from HubSpot.

With the new Canva Button, HubSpot customers can easily create and add imagery to their marketing assets in fewer steps. Beyond uploading existing images in HubSpot, users can now load Canva and begin creating an image with one click.

They can also publish assets directly from the Canva platform to HubSpot landing pages, emails and more. Customers can now distribute graphics created in Canva using HubSpot as their preferred distribution tool.

“Canva is one of our customers’ favourite tools for creating beautifully designed images, so we’re thrilled to bring that capability right into HubSpot,” said Dharmesh Shah, CTO and co-founder of HubSpot.

“This integration will provide an easier way for our customers to design graphics, create more beautiful, on-brand marketing collateral and distribute their messages to their marketing channels in one simple, seamless process,” he said.

Cameron Adams, co-founder and CPO for Canva, said the collaboration with HubSpot helps to streamlining the design process for every marketer.