Camatic Seating perches on AI to see business arise

Camatic Seating is using Infor’s integrated artificial intelligence (AI) solution to help improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues and optimise the vendor selection process.

Based in Melbourne, Camatic Seating manufactures and supplies ergonomic seats for stadiums, arenas, cinemas, theaters, educational institutions and transit areas around the world.

The Australian firm has developed innovative seating solutions for some of the most iconic venues in the world – including Wimbledon, the Sydney Opera House refurbishment, Melbourne Cricket Ground and the high-tech Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, which hosted the 2019 Super Bowl. 

Camatic Seating also is a seating provider to stadiums of the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Soccer (MLS).

As the company grows and enters new markets, its goal is to continue to deliver seating solutions without delays, so customers can complete their construction projects as scheduled.

The company expects that Infor Coleman AI will help speed up its vendor selection process by 93%, reducing the time it takes to pull vendor data from 30 minutes to two minutes.

“With artificial intelligence applied to key business processes, we now have the confidence to tell our customers we can deliver seating on time, which is critical for them to complete projects on their end — such as building out seating for a new stadium, cinema, or any construction with time sensitivity,” said Jamarl Scase, planning and production control manager at Camatic Seating.

Camatic Seating applied Infor Coleman AI to five years of disparate customer relationship management (CRM) data to help generate more accurate forecasts and win predictions. 

Implemented in less than 30 days, the AI-driven insights are delivered through Infor Birst analytic dashboards, and those insights are accessible on demand.

Before leveraging Infor OS to better use data to generate insights, creating monthly sales forecasts was a manual process. Capacity planning, based on these forecasts, was prone to risk and unforeseen costs such as lack of supplies and outsourcing work to subcontractors.

Now, the entire organisation uses the same real-time information to help deliver seating solutions to customers on time. 

Management and sales teams are more effective in strategic decision making; operations are better equipped to plan for capacity; and procurement can acquire the right number of raw materials at the right time.

With Infor Coleman AI applied to vendor performance data, Camatic Seating can automatically assign grades to suppliers in five categories. Planners can quickly look at multiple suppliers in the same category and compare their ratings. 

There also is a summary breakdown of past vendor performance — in terms of delivery promptness, quality and price. The Camatic Seating team can make a selection based on the overall ranking, and it also can see the details behind the ranking.

“Previously, it was arduous for the material planners to get that data out and analyse it, sometimes taking up to 30 minutes at a time to figure out what the supplier’s performance had been,” said Scase.  “Now, by applying AI to our historical data, they can have that information with more accuracy and consistency at the touch of a button.”

Infor ANZ vice president and managing director Jarrod Kinchington said that using an intelligent cloud-based solution will help transform Camatic Seating’s business and deliver considerable savings to the business.