British University Vietnam goes Tribal with student management system

British University Vietnam (BUV) signed up for a five-year contract with Tribal Group for the deployment of their out-of-the-box foundation build of Tribal SITS:Vision, to completely redefine the institution’s student management system.

BUV is the first and only international university in Vietnam granted to deliver degrees by two prestigious universities in the United Kingdom — University of London and Staffordshire University. 

The university currently helps educate nearly 3,000 students backed by a diverse group of 200 employees, including 57 are faculty members.

Tribal SITS: Vision is replacing a number of BUV’s in-house systems to provide a centralised student management system. BUV was seeking a modern platform that would be scalable to support the rapid growth predicted within the institution. 

Over the next three years, they planned to triple their student numbers and aim to do this without having to dramatically increase their internal resources. They wanted a solution that would provide efficiency and all the business process reengineering that a modern system would bring to support their vision for growth.

Both University of London and Staffordshire University as well as the Foreign Commonwealth Office recommended Tribal in BUV’s search. Tribal SITS:Vision will be implemented with a phased delivery and a single go-live is set for August 2023.

“Tribal Group’s SITS:Vision platform ensures that top-of-the-line student management system enables access to and programmes, allowing us to deliver the best service to our students and alumni,” said Christopher Jeffrey, chief academic officer of BUV.

SITS: Vision is Tribal’s market-leading student management system specifically designed for higher education providers to manage and improve every aspect of the student journey — from recruitment and admissions, through to student support, retention and outcomes. 

Tribal has over 150 customers globally and eleven customers across the Asia-Pacific region currently using Tribal’s SITS:Vision with University of Sydney, Nanyang Technological University Singapore and University of Waikato as some of the clients we serve.