Bosch boosts manufacturing skills in Singapore

Bosch has signed memorandums of understanding with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to strengthen Singapore’s vocational training landscape and the entrepreneurial community

The MOU commits Bosch Rexroth and ITE to set up an exchange program for students in the field of mechanical and mechatronics engineering.

This enables students of Bosch Rexroth and ITE to acquire technical skills and knowledge outside of the regular work environment, learn different approaches to Industry 4.0 and enhance their language skills, and cultural understanding.

For five years beginning 2020, selected ITE students will take part in a two to three weeks assignment at different Bosch Rexroth locations in Germany. Concurrently, ITE will provide and arrange training attachment places at its Singapore location for Bosch Rexroth apprentices.

The trainings will include practical implementation examples from different production areas ranging from manual workplaces to fully automated production. The students will benefit from state-of-the-art e-learnings and training systems of the Bosch Rexroth Academy.

“With Industry 4.0 and beyond, what truly makes the difference is the workforce, one that is well-trained with skill sets that are future proof. This can be achieved through the programme that we are signing today,” said Martin Hayes, president of Bosch Southeast Asia. 

Also, in partnership with EDB, Bosch has laid out the plan to establish an innovation hub for grow – the company’s global in-house innovation and start-up incubation network – in Singapore, to capture future growth in Southeast Asia and leverage on Singapore’s thriving innovation landscape.

The new innovation hub in Singapore, supported by EDB, is part of the Government’s continuous push towards an innovation-led economy, and support for large companies such as Bosch in developing new business ventures.

With the establishment of the grow innovation hub in Singapore, Bosch will accelerate and incubate internal start-ups locally, capitalising on the company’s globally recognised accelerator and incubation capabilities.

The accelerator program will also be available to external corporates interested in using Bosch’s agile business model development methodology, offering the validation of innovative ideas in a fast, structured and cost-efficient way.