Boomi picks Solace for real-time event streaming

Intelligent connectivity and automation firm Boomi chose Solace PubSub+ Platform to enable real-time event streaming across the applications and cloud services they use to run and differentiate their business.

Boomi’s implementation of PubSub+ is a key part of the company’s efforts to deconstruct monolithic applications into more scalable and distributed applications made up of microservices. 

PubSub+ handles the distribution of real-time data across Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) so many microservices across teams and environments can easily consume and act on it. 

This enables greater agility and reuse of information, and the ability to stream thousands of messages per second around the world, allowing Boomi to offer customers real-time data offerings like robust monitoring and data collection, and artificial intelligence in the future.

Boomi and Solace will enable a flexible consumption-based licensing model, based on real-time usage statistics that is critical in the software as a service (SaaS) market. 

“An event mesh built with PubSub+ Platform empowers Boomi to process data in real-time, leading to greater business and operational efficiencies,” said Ed Macosky, head of product at Boomi. 

“One of the first ways we will leverage this new capability is by deploying a metering service that will let us view customer usage in real time so we can underpin our AtomSphere Go licensing program in a unique and personalized fashion that meets our growing customer demands,” said Macosky.

AtomSphere Go enables organizations to get started with the Boomi AtomSphere platform without committing to long-term contracts and usage patterns. Since it is usage-based, Boomi must build the infrastructure for billing based on usage metrics, which means every Boomi product that needs to be metered must expose and publish data to billing systems, dashboards, and other platforms.

Solace offers a connector called PubSub+ Connector for Boomi that gives users of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform access to Solace’s industry-leading event streaming and event management technologies. This connector lets Boomi customers link applications and information sources in an event-driven manner to develop innovative new use cases and customer-facing services.