BoComm, Laiyifen link up with 4Paradigm for AI-driven banking, retail solutions

Bank of Communications, one of China’s five largest state-owned banks, has partnered with 4Paradigm to build a bank-level end-to-end artificial intelligence platform and to launch the latter’s “Prophet Sage” platform, both for enhancing the AI development and application capabilities of the bank.

As a pioneer in the reform of China’s financial system, BoComm has embarked on building digital and smart banks as its core in recent years, and has continued to promote the in-depth integration of emerging technologies such as AI with its own business to enhance the group’s service, management and comprehensive competitiveness.

BoComm and 4Paradigm are using the “Prophet Sage” platform as a bank-level unified AI capability “base.” They are making AI applications follow the needs of business development, promoting AI application innovation and large-scale implementation, and enabling empower hundreds of business applications.

Meanwhile, ShangHai Laiyifen will rely on the enterprise-level AI operating system AIOS released by the 4Paradigm, the online intelligent operation system TianShu, the AI computing platform Sage and other comprehensive AI capabilities to upgrade multiple business scenarios such as supply chain management, online operations, and site selections.

Laiyifen, a pioneer in China’s snack food chain industry, has fully accelerated its online and offline multichannel transformation layout. Currently, Laiyifen APP, Tmall,, Suning and other platforms are working together in the areas of store retailing, home delivery, and one-hour express delivery,  community group buying and other multiple consumption scenarios.

“In order to face today’s multi-scenario, diversified, and personalised consumer demand, we believe that the retail will definitely change from traffic thinking to precise thinking in the future, from how many people enter the store today to who enters the store today,” said Laiyifen chair Shi Yonglei.

“The logic behind this, that the AI is the key to achieving consumer precision operations,” said Shi. “Therefore, we need a more powerful technology platform to support Laiyifen’s intelligent transformation strategy for all online and offline scenarios.”