BlackLine harnesses Google Cloud to expand global footprint

Singapore-based BlackLine is working with Google Cloud to support increasing mission-critical workloads as the accounting software firm continues to scale globally.

BlackLine will leverage Google Cloud Platform to add innovative, cloud-native capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance its financial automation platform with new real-time, intelligent functionality.

“BlackLine will begin using the power of the public cloud to deliver our next generation of products and scale existing solutions to provide our customers with the best possible experience — and on an accelerated delivery schedule,” said BlackLine CTO Pete Hirsch. 

“Google Cloud provides BlackLine with virtually limitless computing power while allowing us to embrace open source technologies, continue to improve our industry-leading intelligent data platform, and incorporate artificial intelligence into future offerings,” said Hirsch.

BlackLine’s ‘cloud-first’ strategy going forward is multi-faceted, focusing on three key areas — maximising the potential of the BlackLine cloud platform as a real-time, intelligent data platform; leveraging new cloud-native products and services and adding cloud-based capabilities to enhance the customer experience and; scaling for new and existing customers on a global level.

BlackLine and Google Cloud expect to further enable business growth, compliance and digital transformation initiatives, to ensure customers that their sensitive financial data remains secure, protected and available via Google Cloud.

BlackLine’s move to Google Cloud will be a multi-year process, with the transition expected to begin this fall.