Bank Mandiri taps Tableau to build data-driven culture

Bank Mandiri has deployed Tableau Software’s data analytics solutions to help accelerate data-driven decision making across the organisation.

As Indonesia’s largest financial institution, Bank Mandiri is seeking to empower every division in the bank with self-service analytics capabilities to make better decisions using actionable insights.

Key business functions such as loan disbursement and renewal, as well as customer profiling and engagement now have access to Tableau to guide decision making. Tableau’s self-service dashboards have also significantly simplified business processes and improved the speed of information delivery within the bank. Business intelligence reports which used to take two weeks to create, can now be done within two days. 

“We are able to better target customer by offering suitable products and programs, and improve engagement,” said  Billie Setiawan, SVP of enterprise data management (EDM) group at Bank Mandiri. “Working with Tableau has strengthened our customer-focused mission, bringing us closer to our goal of being Indonesia’s leading digital bank.” 

As part of its vision to build a data culture, Bank Mandiri’s is increasing data literacy within the organisation. The bank has set up a Mandiri Tableau User Group to bring employees together to learn and share. 

Fronted by data coaches from the EDM division—a special division set up by the bank to advocate for the use of data analytics—these monthly sessions support new Tableau users through sharing of best practices and answering their data questions. This creates a community of learning and promotes a culture of data in the bank. The bank is also offering data analytics courses for employees.

“We aim to remove data barriers for different business groups through wider user education and engagement,” added Setiawan. “Working with Tableau, we look forward to enabling self-service analytics at scale and empowering our employees with access to data understanding they need to succeed.”